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    Strengths & Weaknesses Of The New "Celebrity Apprentice" Cast

    Donald Trump has officially announced his new cast of "The Celebrity Apprentice." Here are all of the key players, as well as what sets them apart from the pack.

    Teresa Giudice

    Strengths: Table-flipping, smack-talking, anything Jersey.

    Weaknesses: Her short temper, affinity for spending money.

    Lou Ferrigno


    Strengths: He's the Incredible Hulk. Look at those guns!

    Weaknesses: Just don't call him "Hulk."

    Tia Carrere


    Strengths: Singing, dancing, being a dream weaver.

    Weaknesses: Falling for the nerdy guys.

    Adam Carolla


    Strengths: Knowledge about dude things, sex advice.

    Weaknesses: His brashness.

    Lisa Lampanelli


    Strengths: Humor, harsh insults, and if there was ever a reason for a roast...

    Weaknesses: Obnoxiousness, over-exposure. Will probably be caught cracking jokes about another contestant behind their back.

    George Takei


    Strengths: The man played Sulu on "Star Trek." Enough said.

    Weaknesses: Allergic to crawfish.

    Victoria Gotti


    Strengths: Her connection to the Mob.

    Weaknesses: Age, possibly, and I can only assume that she and RHONJ's Teresa will absolutely hate each other.

    Arsenio Hall

    Strengths: Hosting, making jokes, ability to get famous cameos.

    Weaknesses: Brashness, being royalty.

    Debbie Gibson

    Strengths: Ability to sing, dance, and still look hot decades after her heartthrob status of the 80s.

    Weaknesses: Only in her dreams.

    Penn Jillette


    Strengths: ability to dance, and uh, magic -- duh!

    Weaknesses: Who is Penn with out his mute magic buddy, Teller?

    Aubrey O'Day


    Strengths: Ability to sing, resilience, comfort with a reality camera crew following her around. Those cold, dead eyes would serve her well in a heated game of poker.

    Weaknesses: The woman defines the term "hot mess."

    Dee Snider


    Strengths: Ability to sing, familiarity with cross-dressing, familiarity with show (appeared on the last season of "Celebrity Apprentice").

    Weaknesses: His cockiness. Your attitude, by the way? He's not gonna take it.

    Cheryl Tiegs


    Strengths: Her looks (which seem to have, um, faded slightly?)

    Weaknesses: Who?

    Michael Andretti


    Strengths: Son of Mario Andretti, so: CARS!

    Weaknesses: Wait, this is "Celebrity Apprentice," right?

    Dayana Mendoza


    Strengths: Her looks, being a former Miss Universe winner -- a franchise owned and operated by Donald Trump.

    Weaknesses: Wait, this is "Celebrity Apprentice," right?

    Paul Teutul Sr.


    Strengths: Strength, mustache-length, general bad-assery. As we've seen on "American Choppers," the man isn't afraid to speak his mind.

    Weaknesses: Speaking his mind.

    Patricia Velasquez


    Strengths: Her looks, several Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covers, and ability to kick asses alongside Brenden Fraiser in "The Mummy" and "The Mummy 2."

    Weaknesses: Who?

    Clay Aiken


    Strengths: His baby face, ability to sing, and adoring Claymates.

    Weaknesses: Clay Aiken.

    Now that you know all of the players, who do you think will win? Or, more importantly, who do you think will get into the heated, balls-to-the-wall reality tv fights we've come to expect from the show?

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