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    Steve Carell Introduced Kelly Clarkson With A "40-Year-Old-Virgin" Quote

    "AHHHHH Kelly Clarkson!"

    If you've seen the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin, you probably know the film has achieved cult comedy status.

    One of those memorable lines was when Steve Carell's character goes to a waxing salon and has his chest waxed.

    Now you may recall the time they met at last year's Golden Globes.

    It was an adorable meeting of two important pop culture figures at the time — but we didn't know what would come next from this duo.

    Fast-forward to present day 2019 where Kelly Clarkson's new talk show just debuted on TV.

    And who did Kelly tap to announce her new show? That's right, Steve Carell.

    Really, you just need to watch the quick clip for yourself:

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    Kelly Clarkson Show /

    Thank you Steve and Kelly for giving us this delicious pop culture crossover!