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    Will Ferrell Just Killed Your Dream Of Sequels To "Elf" And "Old School"

    He's more open to the idea of a Step Brothers sequel, though...

    Last night on Watch What Happens Live's aftershow, a caller asked guest Will Ferrell if there will ever be sequels to Elf or Night at the Roxbury.

    Will's response was a troll at first...

    ...but his answer was pretty clear.

    What about a sequel to Old School?

    Sorry, Frank the Tank.

    Later, Andy Cohen asked if there was any film he'd "like to go back to." Will revealed that there had been "a little" talk about Step Brothers...

    ...but that he also felt a need to work on new projects.

    Well, at least Step Brothers wasn't a no?

    Watch the whole aftershow here:

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