Stassi Schroeder Will Never Go Brunette Again And Other Things We Learned From Her "Burning Questions" Interview

    We asked one of reality TV's greatest characters about her time on The Amazing Race, Queen Bees, and of course, Vanderpump Rules.

    Anyone who watches reality TV knows that Stassi Schroeder is the literal Queen Bee of them all.

    Stassi answered all of our "Burning Questions" and didn't hold anything back:

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    What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you at a Vanderpump-owned restaurant?

    How often do you and the cast see James and Kristen outside of taping the show? Are they truly as hated as the show portrays?

    What was it like on The Amazing Race and being on a reality show with your family? How is it different from Pump Rules?

    Would you ever go back to being a brunette?

    Is there anything that happened on the show or in a reunion episode that never aired but you wish it had?

    Who has the worst tattoos on the show?

    Have you ever been mistaken for another celeb? If so, who?

    Do you remember any fun stories from your time on Queen Bees?

    What’s something we don’t know about Beau?

    What’s something about you that’s NOT basic that people might not expect?

    If you could look back at Season One Stassi, what advice would you tell her?

    If you’ve been watching the new season of RHOBH, where do you stand in the dog saga: team LVP or team everyone else?

    Who do you think will be the next cast member of Vanderpump Rules to write and publish a book?

    If you had to be a real housewife of any city, which cast would you belong in?

    For more wisdom from Stassi, check out her book Next Level Basic which is in stores now!