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It's Nearly Impossible To Take Good Underwater Selfie And Here's Why

It's not as easy as it looks.

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Underwater photography can be a beautiful, other-worldly art.

Instagram: @galen

But underwater SELFIES, on the other hand, are their own kind of unique horror show.

There's just too much to consider.

It's pretty much impossible to take a flattering underwater selfie, lol.

It's hard to stay within the frame.

Jc had a water proof case on his phone so I thought it would be a cute idea to take an underwater selfie but

You have to worry about oncoming waves.

Instagram: @michie_frank

It's not easy to smile in water...

...and if you laugh, the air bubbles will ruin the shot.

There's all of those teeny-tiny bubbles to deal with, too.


You have to consider how you hold your breath.

Instagram: @tarynmtn

Sometimes you can disappear from the picture altogether.

Clearly, timing is everything.

*tries to take a cute underwater selfie*

When you take the photo from above, you usually just look like a blob.

Underwater selfie I took the other day

And don't even get me started on this Dad's attempt at an underwater selfie:

My dad's attempt at an underwater selfie

In case you were wondering, it's just as hard to get a decent underwater selfie-video, too.

Instagram: @carlaesparza1

So please, learn from these mistakes before your next vacation and good luck!

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