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Soon, We'll All Be Getting Drunk Off Of Bowls Of Soup

Refinery29 has determined what's sure to be 2012's hottest trend: getting tipsy from soup. New York City's Bryant Park Hotel is now offering three different varieties on their menu that promise to get you buzzed faster than you can say "Mmm-mmm good."

The Bryant Park Hotel's Cellar Bar is cutting to the chase with three new seasonal soups, alcohol included. Aptly named the "Soup Cocktails," the variations comprise of a Lobster Bisque, "infused with Harvey's Bristol Crème and porto, with seasonal spices and cayenne pepper," an Herb-Tomato, "blended with vodka and raspberry liqueur and finished with a pinch of sea salt, dry basil and black pepper," and a Carrot Ginger with, "Domaine de Canton and Frangelico liqueurs."

Suddenly, actually taking a lunch break seems all the more appetizing...