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    Snoop Dogg And His Family At The White House

    Behind the scenes of this year's Kennedy Center Honors — you know, where he got a fist bump from John Kerry — where Snoop will help pay tribute to Herbie Hancock.

    At the end of this year, Snoop Lion's Reincarnated was nominated for a "Best Reggae Album" Grammy. In Snoop's documentary Reincarnated, he said:

    "I'm never able to perform in situations where I'd love to because I don't have those kinds of songs...My songs are too hard. I know Obama wants me to come to the White House but what can I perform?"

    Following the Grammy nomination for his positive and uplifting music project, Snoop and his family were invited to the White House where he performed a live tribute for Herbie Hancock. Tune in Sunday, December 29th to see the end result at the 36th Annual Kennedy Center Honors. But for now, check out some moments of Snoop & his family at the White House:

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