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    Posted on Jun 20, 2017

    Tyra Banks's Baby Is Already Smizing

    Someone give this child a modeling contract!

    Last we saw baby York, he was just a tiny little bundle of joy in Tyra's arms.

    We haven't seen York since this beautiful photo was taken in February of this year, and fans of Tyra's have been wondering a) when we'll get to see her adorable spawn again, and b) if Tyra's ability to SMIZE was passed on to him.

    The CW / Via

    Well, everybody, I'm happy to tell you that IT HAS.

    Here's baby York smizing at just over 1 year old!!!

    York's smizing just like his mama!

    The CW /, Tyra Banks /

    Maybe even better than his mom? No shade, Queen T.

    But wait: It's not *just* smizing that this little human who's still in diapers has pulled off in this incredible photo.

    Paramount / Via

    You can totally see Blue Steel in there too!

    Paramount /, Tyra Banks /
    1. What pose do you think York is doing?

      What pose do you think York is doing?

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    What pose do you think York is doing?
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      York is smizing.
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      York is doing Blue Steel.
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      I don't know, but it's clear that this child has a future in modeling.

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