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Six Years Of Suri Cruise's Bored Face

Happy birthday, Suri Cruise! One question: can't you at least pretend that you're excited about things every once and a while?

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Blankets? BORING.

Juice box? BORING.

Mom and Dad? BORING.

Itsuo Inouye / AP

Gymnastics? BORING.

Easter? BORING.

Hot pink snow parka? BORING.

Whatever is over there? BORING.

Beach vacation? BORING.

Face-paint? BORING.

Umbrellas? BORING.

Holding hands? BORING.

Baseball games? BORING.

Pink tights? BORING.

Polka dots? BORING.

Eating my own shirt? BORING.

Hanging out in dad's arms? BORING.

The ballet? BORING.

Walking around? BORING.

Eating a croissant? BORING.

Peacoats? BORING.

Fairy wings? BORING.

Juice box again? I thought I said it was BORING!

Granola bars? BORING.

Gigantic pink dress? BORING.


Stopping for a Kodak moment? BORING.

Lemonade? BORING.

Fur coats? BORING.

Ice cream? BORING.

Birthday presents? BORING.

Stuffed animals? BORING.

Hanging with dad? BORING.

Life in general? BORING.

Cupcakes? ...NOW WE'RE TALKING!

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