Shailene Woodley's Spoiler About "Big Little Lies" To Jimmy Kimmel Was Totally Fake

    A plot twist that might have been even better than the actual finale.

    Last week, Shailene Woodley appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview where she talked about the upcoming finale of Big Little Lies.

    When Jimmy gave her a hard time about the finale because HBO didn't provide a clip of it, she said that the producers allowed her to say the following in exchange for not airing a preview of the show:

    After Jimmy took the bait, she said her news was just "a little bit of a cliffhanger."

    The internet was set ablaze. Shailene's words were taken as fact by viewers of BLL and fooled many news outlets:

    And surely fans weren't thrilled about this leaked information. But then ~suddenly~ on Friday of last week, Shailene posted this message to her Instagram:

    The post read "TOO LATE TO TELL YOU THAT WAS JUST one big. little. lie?" and was captioned "as IF I'd give anything away...". But some people (myself included) thought that maybe she was just trying to cover up the spoiler she had revealed.

    However last night during the show's season finale, fans realized that Shailene's spoiler actually wasn't a spoiler at all! It was... completely made up.

    Fans reacted to this information with memes:

    Remember that time Shailene WOODLEY gave out a spoiler...

    Shailene Woodley said in an interview last week on Jimmy Kimmel that the girls would go to Perry’s grave and his body would be missing....which didn’t happen at what is the truth.... #BigLittleLies


    Shailene Woodley isn’t right for giving that bogus season finale spoiler 🙄 #BigLittleLies

    Yeah RIGHT like it’s a big happy ending NO also Shailene Woodley straight lied to my face via Kimmel

    Wait, that is how #BigLittleLies ended? Whoa. Guess that scene #shailenewoodley mentioned on Kimmel didn't exist.

    @shailenewoodley Ugh u said on Kimmel for the finale y’all went to Perry’s grave and he wasn’t there?? I’m so confused and disappointed! Why would u say that ? Lol ... did I miss something ?!

    And others gave her props for the lie:

    So Shailene Woodley....LIED on the about the big little lies finale on Jimmy Kimmel. She lied about big little lies...okay, it makes sense now

    No matter your opinion on ~the lie~, it looks like you got us this time, Shailene!