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Seth Meyers' 13 Best Jokes As Host Of The Emmy Awards

Some have called the show itself boring but at least the host of Late Night held his own tonight!

1. When he shaded MTV...but also network television.

2. When he zinged the cast of The Big Bang Theory and their gigantic paychecks.

3. When he made this joke.

4. And said this about Julia Roberts.

5. When he introduced Beyoncé.

6. When he tried to explain why the Emmys were on a Monday night.

7. ...and then acknowledged his jokes that were flopping.

8. When he promised Maggie Smith's award to Jon Hamm.

9. When he dropped this truth bomb about new TV shows.

10. When he introduced Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele like so:

11. When he was super real about the ending of How I Met Your Mother.

12. When he explained how many of True Detective's viewers actually watched the show.

13. And when he finished the show by reminding us that we had all just watched hours of a boring award show on a MONDAY FREAKING NIGHT and that it's four whole days until the weekend.