Sarah Palin Singing "Baby Got Back" On "The Masked Singer" Is Just More Proof We're Living In A Dystopian Nightmare

    What in the...

    If you didn't go to sleep early last night, you know that a lot of truly wild news broke in the span of one hour. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced that they have both tested positive for the coronavirus.

    Donald Trump suspended travel between Europe and the United States for 30 days in a televised address to the nation.

    And the NBA canceled its entire season after a player tested positive for the virus.

    And yet while this was all happening, right before Trump's speech aired on (regular) Fox, on The Masked Singer they were "unmasking" the contestant who had performed the worst during their first performance, and who had just been voted off.

    And that contestant...was Sarah Palin. 👀

    At the end of each episode, the celeb who is voted off must perform their last song as themselves, ~unmasked~, and, well, you really just need to watch the clip with your own eyes:

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    My favorite part is how she omits the word "horny" — what's yours?

    For the Masked Singer–heads who play along every week, the clues were actually pretty easy given what we know now. First of all, the clue package started out by saying, "In my life, I have been both the hunter and the hunted."

    The camera then panned to a radio where a voice said, "That bear can't see the forest through the trees!" — an obvious nod to Palin's famous "I can see Russia from my house" quote.

    We then saw a pair of hockey skates appear onscreen while the voiceover stated that she was sick of people spreading "phony baloney" about her.

    And then we saw what was a pretty clear nod to Saturday Night Live, which Palin appeared on with Tina Fey back when she was running for vice president in 2008.

    And then of course she was dressed as an actual bear — bears are all over Alaska — who was done "hibernating" (aka being out of the public eye for a brief moment).

    I really don't know how I didn't guess it was her by those very obvious clues...

    ...but then again, I didn't really think that Sarah Palin would EVER appear on The Masked Singer.

    Did you know it was her? What do you think about this bizarre unmasking? Let us know in the comments!