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    Posted on Nov 14, 2013

    The 19 Most Ridiculous Moments In The History Of Celebrity Fragrance Commercials

    Why are perfume ads so crazy?

    1. When Beyoncé melted the walls with the temperature of her hands alone.

    Beyonce Heat /

    2. When Nicki Minaj ran in the forest as her dress came apart...

    Nicki Minaj Fragrances / to a majestic horse that galloped through the woods.

    Nicki Minaj Fragrances /

    3. When a "black star" fell from the sky and into Avril Lavigne's hands.

    Avril Lavigne's Black Star /

    4. When Sarah Jessica Parker kicked through a glass window to steal a giant bottle of perfume.

    Sarah Jessica Parker Covet /

    5. When Selena Gomez was writhing around in purple-colored water...

    Selena Gomez /

    ...and then popped out like this.

    Selena Gomez /

    6. When spritzed, Christina Aguilera's perfumes can make dresses,

    Christina Aguilera /


    Christina Aguilera /

    and even diamond necklaces appear about of thin air.

    Christina Aguilera /

    7. And it was even weirder when she was entranced by a purple orb.

    Christina Aguilera /

    8. When Shakira summoned a hawk to perch on her shoulder and it actually did.

    Exilir by Shakira /

    9. When Britney Spears experienced an entire relationship with someone she hadn't met yet just by leaning against a door.

    Britney Spears Curious /

    10. When Celine Dion flew through the air on a swing attached to nothing.

    Celine Dion /

    11. When Rihanna transformed from a good girl to a bad girl by walking through some kind of inter-dimensional portal.

    Rihanna Reb'l Fleur /

    12. When tiny little men crawled all over Lady Gaga's naked body.

    Lady Gaga /

    13. When Julia Roberts realized everyone was enchained by diamonds and then shattered them.

    Lancome La Vie Est Belle /

    14. When Gwen Stefani popped out of a perfume box.

    Gwen Stefani L LAMB /

    15. When one spray of Hilary Duff's perfume attracted Kellan Lutz immediately.

    Hilary Duff With Love /

    16. When Madonna played Truth or Dare by herself.

    Madonna Truth or Dare /

    17. When Taylor Swift went through a magic mirror and into a chandelier-filled forest.

    Taylor Swift Wonderstruck / youtube.comt

    18. When one spray of Justin Bieber's "Someday" perfume sent this girl into the air with Biebs himself...

    Justin Bieber Someday /

    ...and this spin happened.

    Justin Bieber Someday /

    19. When Blake Lively played a rich, attractive person dreaming of being a rich, attractive model.

    Gucci Premiere /

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