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All The Ricky Gervais Jokes You Need To See From The Golden Globes

"See what happens when you don't dress people up as cats? It's that easy."

Tonight marked the fifth and final time Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes. As such, he didn't care whom he offended...and he pretty much offended everyone in the room. Read on for his best jokes.

1. On Martin Scorsese's criticism of Marvel movies:

2. On the length of The Irishman:

3. On Knives Out vs. Cats:

4. On Felicity Huffman:

5. And Felicity Huffman's daughter:

6. On how long Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was:

7. On Netflix's domination:

8. On Season 2 of his show, After Life:

9. On Harvey Weinstein:

10. On Apple TV's The Morning Show:

11. On Jason Momoa:

12. Describing the table with the Irishman cast:

13. On the hypocritical nature of Hollywood:

14. And why celebrities shouldn't lecture us about anything:

15. On James Corden, whom he must have beef with:

16. On a theme he picked up on in 2019:

17. On his bad tweets:

18. And finally, his last words at the end of the show: