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Remembering The Many TV Roles Of Kathryn Joosten

Yesterday we lost one of television's most beloved character actors to a long battle with cancer. Here's a look back at the some of the characters Joosten has played on television.

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Mrs. Landingham, The West Wing

Karen McCluskey, Desperate Housewives

Mrs. Tanner, Scrubs

Warden Betsy, Seinfeld

Thelma, Home Improvement

Ward Nurse, The Nanny

Claire, Dharma & Greg

Old Lady God, Joan Of Arcadia

Vera, Fraiser

Edna Manning, Even Stevens

Maisie Joyce, Harry's Law

Grandma Marilyn, Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

Maureen, King Of Queens

Angie, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid

Yes, the 2011 SyFy TV movie.

Yes, the 2011 SyFy TV movie.

Donny's Mom, My Name Is Earl

And if none of these roles ring a bell, might I suggest you take a peek at her fully stacked IMDb page? She's been in everything from Monk to Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls to Boston Common. She will be missed.

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