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    Posted on Oct 7, 2013

    16 Reasons To Be Excited That "Catfish" Is Coming To The UK

    If you haven't heard the news already, the hit MTV series that chronicles the first meeting of two people who only know each other online is coming to the UK! Here's why you should be stoked.

    1. Watching the complete joy of two people meeting for the first time who have only spoken online.

    2. Or the utter disgust.

    3. Jerks who just mess with people online for the fun of it.

    MTV /

    4. Dudes who have just discovered that the "girl" they'd been speaking with had a penis:

    5. When a Catfish gets called out on their lies.

    6. People who have been accepting money (and and iPhone!) from her victim and find the whole thing hilarious:

    7. People who don't necessarily have the best judge of character.

    8. The confrontation between a man who thought he had an online girlfriend and the dude he was actually speaking with.

    MTV / Via

    9. When people are really sorry about lying but it doesn't matter.

    10. The look on Sunny's face when the "man of her dreams" turned out to be a woman:

    MTV / Via

    11. When people find out that they've actually been Catfished by someone they know in real life.

    12. When it gets REALLY awkward.

    13. All of the lies,

    14. Tears,

    15. and facepalm moments.

    16. But most importantly, the occasional happy ending.

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