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    Updated on Apr 22, 2020. Posted on Apr 22, 2020

    18 Reality Shows That Are Absolutely Worth Bingeing Right Now

    Tune in and tune out.

    We hope you love the shows and movies we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of revenue or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — platform, prices, and other availability details are accurate as of time of posting.

    These days, we are all looking for a new TV show to stream. Considering that reality shows tend to have many seasons and are pretty much the perfect thing to throw yourself into, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorites with us.


    Here's what they said!

    1. Survivor

    CBS / Via

    "I just started watching it this season and decided to go back and watch a random old season and finished it in three days. It’s addicting and currently on its 40th season, so you’ll never run out of episodes!"


    "Survivor. You can’t beat the original."


    Watch it on CBS All Access here and Hulu here.

    2. RuPaul’s Drag Race


    "It’s my favorite show of all time! You have drama, comedy, heartfelt moments, and all of the queens are insanely talented."


    "My girlfriend and I have been binge-watching it on Hulu and are absolutely invested. The style is amazing, and the drama is even better."


    "If you aren't watching Drag Race, then what are you even doing with your life?"


    Watch it on Hulu here.

    3. Love Island UK

    ITV / Via

    "Love Island UK, dude. Season 3 and the most recent seasons were the absolute best. It’s so entertaining, and it’s really easy to escape with. It’s something to tune your brain out to."


    "There are so many episodes in a season and it draws you in, and suddenly it’s 2 a.m. and you wonder what you're doing with your life."


    "Sexy singles in a villa in Spain, and love and drama ensue. Better than The Bachelor/ette, in my opinion. Every friend I’ve recommended it to loves it, and even my parents now watch it!"


    "The voiceover guy on the UK one is enough reason to watch. So funny! It definitely takes you out of your stressful or boring day and puts you in their ridiculous and drama-filled love villa! Plus, there are a million episodes per season, allowing you to BIIIIINGE!"


    Watch it on Hulu here.

    4. MasterChef

    Fox / Via

    "I’ve been watching a lot of MasterChef and MasterChef Junior. I love competitive cooking shows, and any one of them with Gordon Ramsay is usually fun."


    Watch it on Hulu here.

    5. Vanderpump Rules

    Bravo / Via

    "Vanderpump is on Hulu. It’s constantly playing in the background when I’m cleaning, cooking, and while I work from home."


    "Staying at home these past couple of weeks has helped reintroduce me to all the beautiful, trashy reality TV there is. The best by far that I’ve watched is Vanderpump Rules. Vanderpump is great because you have a solid four seasons of craziness, and each season gets better. When I get bored of it, I switch to one of the many 90 Day Fiancé shows ’cause that’s always entertaining, without fail."


    Watch it on Hulu here.

    6. Terrace House


    "It’s a Japanese reality show where six young and dashing strangers live in a house together and just live their lives. It’s so calming to watch them go grocery shopping, cook food, support each other at their events, and talk about their goals in life. There is some romance and a little bit of drama. I like it because some of the characters are endearing, and you get to watch them grow in the house and outside in the real world. There is also a celebrity panel that watches and comments throughout the episodes, which adds a bit more entertainment. Slow burn, but heartwarming!"


    Watch it on Netflix here.

    7. Making It

    NBC / Via

    "It’s a competition show where makers all over America compete for badges, money, and the honor of being called a Master Maker. The contestants are nice to each other, and it’s very relaxing to watch while still being on the edge of your seat to see the projects all come together. It’s hosted by Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler, whose chemistry onscreen is hilarious and adds that special something to the show. If you enjoy the Great British Bake Off, you’ll definitely enjoy this show. It streams on Hulu and has two seasons currently."


    Watch it on Hulu here.

    8. America's Next Top Model

    The CW / Via

    "For me right now, it's America's Next Top Model. It is so entertaining to watch all the drama the models get into and to watch the evolution of each girl as she progresses through the competition. It's also fun to see how quickly Tyra goes from cool to out of her mind (Tyra loses her cool A LOT), and to Wikipedia the contestants to see who ended up working in the modeling industry and who vanished forever! It's good, mindless fun to distract me from the world today."


    Watch it on Hulu here.

    9. The Amazing Race

    CBS / Via

    "We are hooked on The Amazing Race. We usually love to travel, plan travel, etc., but since there is no end date to all the craziness, we’ve been getting our travel fix via The Amazing Race. Great adventure ideas, fun trips, and drama, drama, drama!"


    Watch it on CBS All Access here and Hulu here.

    10. The Circle

    Netflix / Via

    "I was so shocked at how good this show was compared with the previews I saw. I had so many doubts, but I've been hooked since watching the first season of the American version, and now there are other seasons dropping from around the world, including Brazil and France. It is also not too inappropriate, so kids around 10–12 are able to watch it. Really fun reality show to binge-watch, and also kind of a way to promote social distancing, since the show's premise is communicating with people all through a screen and not having any face-to-face contact whatsoever!"


    "The Circle on Netflix is so wonderfully terrible. The Circle Brazil is SO GOOD. The Circle France is coming out soon too!"


    "Far and away the best reality show ever."


    Watch it on Netflix here.

    11. Are You the One?

    MTV / Via

    "It has everything you want in a dating reality show — plus, the most recent season featured all-bisexual contestants, making it the first dating show to be this inclusive (and adding SO MUCH more heart and drama)."


    Watch it on here.

    12. Rock of Love

    VH1 / Via

    "I absolutely love rewatching Rock of Love on Hulu. It’s so extra and definitely harkens back to the early-2000s Myspace era. I love it."


    "We used to watch it in the dorms at college on Sunday nights, and I’m flooded with great freshman year memories at the moment as I rewatch it."


    Watch it on Hulu here.

    13. Big Brother


    "I forgot how good that damn show is!"


    Watch it on CBS All Access here.

    14. Married at First Sight

    Lifetime / Via

    "Matchmakers pair strangers up based on compatibility. The first time they see each other is literally at the altar. They have a few weeks to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. It sounds like just a huge gimmick, but they have had some really strong couples! It’s super addictive."


    Watch it on Hulu here.

    15. Hell's Kitchen

    Fox / Via

    "You’ve got food porn and Gordon Ramsay yelling."


    Watch it on Hulu here and Amazon Prime Video here.

    16. MTV’s The Challenge

    MTV / Via

    "I’ve been a fan for years, but it’s also a great show to put on when I need some background noise. My S.O. watched an episode with me the other day, and now he’s watching his third season!"


    Watch it on MTV here.

    17. Dog the Bounty Hunter

    "It's fun to see how his whole family works together to find the criminals and at the same time show empathy for them. This was a show that my family sat around the TV and watched together. We all loved it."


    Watch it on A&E here.

    18. Naked and Afraid

    Discovery / Via

    "Shows like Naked and Afraid or Alone are the best. You get your TV dose of outdoors, but it also makes you feel not so bad about being cooped up. Also, shows like that remind me to drink water."


    Watch it on Hulu here.

    What are your favorite reality shows to stream online? Let us know in the comments!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.