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    Rachel Bilson And Chris Carmack Reunite On The Set Of "Nashville"

    "Welcome to Nashville, bitch."

    Last week it was announced that Rachel Bilson will join her former O.C. co-star Chris Carmack as part of the cast of Nashville.

    Phillip Faraone / Getty Images
    Mike Lawrie / Getty Images

    Here they are in 2003 at a party for the premiere of The O.C.

    Amanda Edwards / Getty Images
    Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

    And here they are now on the Nashville set.

    She captioned this photo with a nod to The O.C.:

    The CW /

    Looking forward to seeing these two on screen again!

    Can't wait to work with Rachel again... it's been a while! "Welcome to Nashville....... darlin'!" 😉

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