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Please Stop Trying To Make Joseph Gordon-Levitt And Zooey Deschanel Happen

You're making JGL all sorts of uncomfortable. That and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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“It’s awkward when people say that. Whatever. Zooey and I just think it’s funny. It is funny. We’ve been friends for 10 years. She loves movies, music and art, and she’s incredibly knowledgeable about that stuff. She’s turned me on to so many good movies and so much good music. It’s fun just to have conversations, watch movies with her and stuff like that.”

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Here's Elisabetta Canalis and Steve-O on the red carpet proving that the pair are definitely a couple. Wow! Elisabetta went from George Clooney to Dancing With The Stars to a Jackass in less than two years. Must be some kind of record?

“It may have to do with several things, honestly, but I think it’s possible… I mean… I’m a declared out of the closet Republican in Hollywood. Do I believe it’s possible that some young person, young voting actor — or even older voting member for the Emmys — would sit there and go, ‘Yeah, that’s a great performance, but ooooooooh, I just hate everything he stands for?’ I don’t believe that’s possible."

Sure, Kelsey, whatever you say.

Marc Summers has been in a bad car accident and supposedly "broke his face." According to TMZ, doctors performed emergency plastic surgery on his face immediately but Summers has yet to look at his face in the mirror.

James Franco is casting for a movie about Lindsay Lohan and himself.

According to Star Magazine, Britney Spears demands that "all the people working for her be unattractive."

Lucy Lawless will play a potential love interest for Ron Swanson on the new season of Parks and Recreation.

John Slattery — aka Mad Men's resident Silver Fox Roger Sterling — will appear on a couple of episodes of Arrested Development.

Mayim Bialik was in a car accident yesterday and everybody was really worried that she was going to lose a finger. She didn't.

Hey, look! It's Jordana Brewster's massive camel toe.

Benedict Cumberbatch trashed Downton Abbey again, calling it "In my opinion, fucking atrocious."

Kim Zolciak gave birth to her second son (with hubby Kroy Biermann) and named him Kash Kade.

Shia LeBeouf is annoyed with Hollywood, says they stuck finger up his ass.

The production of Iron Man 3 has come to a halt because Robert Downey Jr injured his ankle.

Jon Hamm will voice a talking toilet on Bob's Burgers.

Watch Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica on True Blood) sing Gershwin's "They All Laughed."

Coco brings new meaning to the phrase doggy style.

Michelle Trachtenberg was bullied by 150 kids in school and talked to E! about it.

Here are two leaked Leona Lewis songs.

Danica McKellar is teaching her baby the quadratic formula and sings him songs with the numbers in Pi.

Joe Jonas swears he's not the ex-boyfriend that Taylor Swift sings about in her new song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" SO STOP ASKING.

She's okay, everybody! Jenny Garth has a new boyfriend.

Bachelorette Krista Sutter debuted her post-plastic surgery body in a magazine.

Al Roker reportedly doesn't like Matt Lauer either because he will throw people under the bus without thinking twice about it.

Kim Kardashian refuses to flush her own toilet.

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