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    People Think Meryl Streep's Scream On "Big Little Lies" Just Might Win Her An Emmy

    Fingers crossed!

    Big Little Lies returned for its second season last night, so if you missed it you should probably back away from this post since there are spoilers below!

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    But for the rest of us who DID tune in to the season two premiere, there's one person we can all agree stole the show last night: Meryl Streep, who joined the cast this season as Perry's mom.


    We're one episode into the season and she's already got me, Reddit, and the rest of the internet wondering what she's got going on in her head and what her plan is.

    meryl streep reese, nicole, laura, zoe, and shailene

    But there was one moment in particular that surprised us all at the dinner table where Meryl screams bloody murder in front of Celeste and her two boys.

    when mary louise screamed at the dinner table #biglittlelies

    It was blood-curdling...

    mary louise screaming #BigLittleLies

    ...truly shocking...

    ...a foreshadowing family moment...

    celeste and the kids mary louise #BigLittleLies

    ...and basically, this GIF in audio form:

    Mary Lousie grieving at the dinner table like #BigLittleLies

    It was even a crossover of its own kind.

    Meryl just whipped out a Diane Keaton scream and that’s the best crossover moment I’ve seen this year. #BigLittleLies

    The scream was *so good* that people are already suggesting it will win Meryl an Emmy.

    Welp Meryl secured just her Emmy with that scream #BigLittleLies

    Meryl’s Golden globe reel is just this scene on a loop #BigLittleLies

    Fingers crossed that when the package for Emmy nominees airs on TV this fall, Meryl's scream is a part of it.

    Remember this tweet. Meryl Streep will win an Emmy for #BigLittleLies and that scream will be in her highlight package when the nominees are read at the ceremony.

    Not everyone loved the scream in context, however...

    Unpopular opinion, probably: the scream was over-the-top. Streep's character is so much stronger in her subtlety. Not sure it fit very well. #BigLittleLies

    Well I cackled for EVERY SECOND of Meryl's scream!😂😂 #BigLittleLies

    Meryl Streep’s yell had me like #BigLittleLies

    ...but most of us are out here like:

    GIVE MERYL HER EMMY NOW!! #BigLittleLies

    See you in September, Emmy Awards!

    Meryl Streep four months from now #BigLittleLies

    And once more, for good measure!

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