Peaches Geldof Took A Selfie With A Ghost

Or so she claims…and it’s almost convincing. Freaky!

1. The other day, Peaches took a photo with her son…

Peaches Geldof / instagram.com

2. …and the mystery hand that showed up out of nowhere.

Peaches Geldof / instagram.com

3. Needless to say, she was spooked.

Peaches Geldof / instagram.com

6. So Peaches did a little digging about the history of her home, per the Daily Mail:

The house was built in the 1920s by a rich man and his pregnant wife. However, his wife had a stillborn baby and was so grief-stricken she went mad. She apparently drowned herself in the bath.

7. She also went into detail about the ghost itself:

The presence I feel isn’t malignant or angry, rather maternal and friendly - the house has a lovely atmosphere. Maybe she’s just making her presence known because she loves having babies around.

8. And then she shared a tour of her “haunted house”:

9. SPOOKY. What do you think, BuzzFeed? Do you believe?

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