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    Paul Scheer Is Bringing Back "TRL" (Sort Of)

    His latest video venture is called “ScheeRL” and it's gonna be awesome.

    Do you miss the days of TRL?

    Who doesn't? You are not alone.

    Comedian Paul Scheer will follow up his parody of The Arsenio Hall Show — aka ArSCHEERio — with a spoof on everyone's favorite after-school show.

    A look at the new series — produced by JASH — reveals lots and lots of late '90s throwback glory.

    Here's a taste of the ~celebrity cameos~ that you can expect:

    Katie Lowes as Britney Spears and Terry Crews as Diddy.

    Ryan Hansen and Thomas Middleditch as members of 98 Degrees.

    Casey Wilson as Celine Dion.

    Randall Park as Eminem and Jo Lo Truglio as Mark Wahlberg.

    And Kumail Nanjiani as Mariah Carey.

    The first episode of ScheeRL premieres today, May 12th, on JASH.

    And you can now watch it below!

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