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    Paul Rudd And Jason Segel Are Possibly Stoned In Their Funniest Interview Ever

    This clip is sure to make you giggle.

    An interview from 2009 of the two funnymen has been making the rounds recently, and quite a few people seem to they were under the influence of something — specifically, pot. So, were they "high as fuck" (as Reddit suggests)?

    Let's take a look at some of the interview's finer moments and reflect:

    1. This exchange:

    2. This exchange:

    3. When this happened:

    4. This exchange:

    5. When Paul Rudd made funny faces.

    6. When they answered questions in this pose:

    7. And the #1 sign of a true pot head, dry mouth.

    To be clear, there is NO shame in it, mad respect to them both.

    Now watch the whole interview and decide for yourself:

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