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    OITNB's Jackie Cruz Once Kissed Kourtney Kardashian On Camera

    When Khloe and Kourtney "took" Miami in 2009, Kourtney also took some lessons in lady-on-lady love from Orange Is The New Black's Flaca.

    Back in 2009, Jackie Cruz appeared on three episodes of Kim & Kourtney Take Miami as Kourtney's bisexual friend that she ends up kissing in a club.


    Wait a minute. How did we get here?

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    How could something like Orange is The New Black be associated with Kim Kardashian's butt?

    Cruz — who is also a singer — was living in Miami at the time.

    And somehow Kourtney and Jackie ended up in the same Miami art class by chance.

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    In an interview with Hollywood Gypsy, Cruz says she didn't audition for the role:

    "I always wanted to take art classes and I always passed by this art school on Lincoln road. I decided to sign up and Kourtney was in my class. It was all very random. I thought she was really funny and we hit it off quite well."

    A friendship began.

    A friendship that turned romantic for at least one night of steamy television.

    A friendship may have taken Katy Perry a little too seriously.

    * "I kissed a girl and I liked it" plays in background *

    And though Jackie was used as a way to make Scott Disick jealous on the show...


    Kourtney and Jackie are still friends to this day.

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    Cruz also told Hollywood Gypsy that she has no regrets about doing the show:

    "I definitely think it had a positive impact in my career because people got to know my name and what I was doing in my life. Kourtney is such a sweet person, and yes we are still friends. Now and than we text each other to see how we are both doing."

    But they probably no longer kiss.

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    Maybe when Khloe and Kourtney "take" the Hamptons?