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    OITNB's Jackie Cruz Once Kissed Kourtney Kardashian On Camera

    When Khloe and Kourtney "took" Miami in 2009, Kourtney also took some lessons in lady-on-lady love from Orange Is The New Black's Flaca.

    Back in 2009, Jackie Cruz appeared on three episodes of Kim & Kourtney Take Miami as Kourtney's bisexual friend that she ends up kissing in a club.

    Wait a minute. How did we get here?

    Cruz — who is also a singer — was living in Miami at the time.

    And somehow Kourtney and Jackie ended up in the same Miami art class by chance.

    "I always wanted to take art classes and I always passed by this art school on Lincoln road. I decided to sign up and Kourtney was in my class. It was all very random. I thought she was really funny and we hit it off quite well."

    A friendship began.

    A friendship that turned romantic for at least one night of steamy television.

    A friendship may have taken Katy Perry a little too seriously.

    * "I kissed a girl and I liked it" plays in background *

    And though Jackie was used as a way to make Scott Disick jealous on the show...

    Kourtney and Jackie are still friends to this day.

    Cruz also told Hollywood Gypsy that she has no regrets about doing the show:

    "I definitely think it had a positive impact in my career because people got to know my name and what I was doing in my life. Kourtney is such a sweet person, and yes we are still friends. Now and than we text each other to see how we are both doing."

    But they probably no longer kiss.