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    Posted on Oct 23, 2017

    What The Cast Of "Not Another Teen Movie" Looks Like Now

    "Who would've guessed that everyone in school was a professional dancer?"

    Chris Evans as Jake Wyler

    Columbia Pictures, Mike Coppola / Getty Images

    Not Another Teen Movie was one of Chris Evans' first acting gigs and as you probably know already, he didn't let up after that. He played Human Torch in Fantstic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Lucas in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and the "Harvard Hottie" in The Nanny Diaries. He also starred in the cult favorite Snowpiercer and a bunch of romantic comedies like What's Your Number alongside Anna Faris. Oh, and did I mention he's making ~that Marvel money~ as the one and only Captain America? He's pretty much inescapable (in the best way possible).

    Chyler Leigh as Janey Briggs

    Columbia Pictures, Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

    After Not Another Teen Movie, Chyler went on to star in the short-lived That '80s Show, Girls Club, and Reunion. She got the part of Meredith Grey's sister Lexie on Grey's Anatomy in 2012, and now plays Alex Danvers on Supergirl.

    Eric Christian Olsen as Austin

    Columbia Pictures, Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Post Not Another Teen Movie, Eric played Jake in The Hot Chick, Vaughn in Community, and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd. But you probably know him from his role as Marty Deeks on NCIS: Los Angeles since 2010.

    Jaime Pressly as Priscilla

    Columbia Pictures, Angela Weiss / Getty Images

    Jaime's acted in many movies and shows over the years, but is best known for roles like Joy on My Name Is Earl, Jill on Mom, and the titular Jennifer on Jennifer Falls. Fun fact: she played Mila in the Mortal Kombat: Conquest TV show in the '90s.

    Eric Jungmann as Ricky

    Columbia Pictures,

    Before Not Another Teen Movie, Eric appeared in Even Stevens, Roswell,
    Varsity Blues
    and in the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie Winning London. He's been acting steadily ever since. Fun fact: Back in the day, he played the teenage (and human) version of Salem the cat on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Mia Kirshner as Catherine Wyler

    Columbia Pictures, Rob Kim / Getty Images

    As a child actor, Mia played Sophie in Dracula: The Series and in Are You Afraid of the Dark? After Not Another Teen Movie, Mia appeared in 24, The L Word, Defiance, Bloodline and The Vampire Diaries.

    Deon Richmond as Malik

    Columbia Pictures,

    Deon got his start on The Cosby Show, Getting By, and Hangin' With Mr. Cooper. He also played Jordan on Sister, Sister and Tyson in Scream 3. He's been acting off and on since Not Another Teen Movie, and most recently acted in the movie What Matters.

    Ron Lester as Reggie Ray

    Columbia Pictures, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Ron Lester was known for his role as Billy Bob in Varsity Blues, who he later parodied in Not Another Teen Movie when he played the role of Reggie Ray. He also appeared on the TV shows Freaks and Geeks and Popular. Sadly Ron passed away in 2016 from liver and kidney complications.

    Lacey Chabert as Amanda Becker

    Columbia Pictures, Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    Lacey Chabert went meta for this role in which she embodies Amanda Beckett, love of Preston Meyers' life in the teen rom-com Can't Hardly Wait — who was played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, her co-star from Party of Five. After Not Another Teen Movie Chabert played Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls, and has been steadily acting ever since.

    Cody McMains as Mitch Briggs

    Columbia Pictures,

    After playing Justin in 2000's Bring it On, he went on to parody the little brother trope in Not Another Teen Movie. From there, he went on to appear in Monk, Everwood, and the 10 Things I Hate About You TV show. He doesn't seem to act much anymore.

    Sam Huntington as Ox

    Columbia Pictures, Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    '90s kids remember Sam as the kid starring opposite Tim Allen in Jungle 2 Jungle. Before Not Another Teen Movie he appeared in Detroit Rock City, and afterwards he starred in Superman Returns, Rosewood, and Being Human.

    Samm Levine as Bruce

    Columbia Pictures, Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Samm had been on Freaks and Geeks three years prior to Not Another Teen Movie and he's acted in many, many movies and shows since: Inglourious Basterds, Entourage, NCIS, Undeclared, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp and 10 Years Later. He's also producer and co-host on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show.

    JoAnna Garcia Swisher as Sandy Sue

    Columbia Pictures, Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

    JoAnna spent time on classic '90s Nickelodeon shows like Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Clarissa Explains it All and even Party of Five before Not Another Teen Movie. Since then, she's popped up on Reba, Gossip Girl, and as Ariel on Once Upon A Time. Fun fact: She's married to former Yankee Nick Swisher.

    Beverly Polcyn as Sadie

    Columbia Pictures, Walk of Fame

    After Not Another Teen Movie, Beverly appeared in The Sweetest Thing, Scrubs, Glee, and Date Movie. Fun fact: she played a the role of "Prostitute" in 1991's Hook. And by the way, she's still acting today! Her latest movie release was Walk of Fame earlier this year alongside Scott Eastwood.

    Randy Quaid as Mr. Briggs

    Columbia Pictures, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Randy Quaid is probably best known as Cousin Eddie from the National Lampoon movies, though he's been acting since the early '70s. He's also appeared in Kingpin, Independence Day, The Last Detail and Brokeback Mountain. To say he's had some legal troubles over the past decade or so would be a bit of an understatement.

    Cerina Vincent as Areola

    Columbia Pictures, Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Cerina got her start in 1999 when she played Maya, the yellow Power Ranger on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. After stints on City Guys and Undressed, she appeared completely nude in Not Another Teen Movie. Since then she's gone on to act in Stuck in the Middle, Workaholics, and Two and a Half Men.

    Josh Radnor as the Tour Guide

    Columbia Pictures, Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

    Mr. Ted Mosby himself pops up in Not Another Teen Movie, which is Josh Radnor's first film appearance. He went on to star in movies like Happythankyoumoreplease and Liberal Arts and on the mega hit show How I Met Your Mother.

    Molly Ringwald as the Flight Attendant

    Columbia Pictures, Rob Kim / Getty Images

    This legend did Not Another Teen Movie a huge favor when she appeared in the final minutes of the film — especially considering this movie flat-out mocks many of the films that gave her a start: The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink. She played Aunt Bailey in the Jem and the Holograms movie last summer and can currently been seen playing Archie Andrews' mother on Riverdale.

    Mr. T as the Wise Janitor

    Columbia Pictures, Brad Barket / Getty Images

    This television icon who "pities the fool" also graced this movie with his presence by playing an advisor to Chris Evans on the football field. Mr. T's infamy has pretty much remained the same his superstardom was cemented with Rocky III and The A-Team, and he was recently on Dancing with the Stars.

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