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    In Celebrity Relationship News, Nina Dobrev And Shaun White Are Dating

    They're instagram official. Well, kind of.

    If nothing makes you happier than the emergence of new celebrity couples, I have good news for you during this global pandemic — Nina Dobrev and Shaun White appear to be dating right now!

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

    Rumors first started flying in late March, when Nina and Shaun were spotted riding bikes together in Malibu.


    And this past weekend, Shaun made his first appearance on Nina's Instagram account...or at least his arms did:

    In case you're wondering "WTF am I looking at?" — and I get that — Shaun's arms are the ones doing the washing, while Nina talks about proper hand-washing techniques.

    Nina Dobrev / Instagram: @nina

    Nina's caption shouted out being inspired by Dakota Johnson's hand-washing video that featured Chris Martin as Dakota's arms — which, funnily enough, marked that couple's first Instagram appearance together too.

    Olivia Wilde / Via

    Allow me to indulge for a moment. Because they filmed that video in someone's kitchen and clearly are standing so close to each other in it...does this mean that they're quarantining together?

    I can only hope so!

    So, whatever this actually means for Nina and Shaun, I give this budding relationship two enthusiastic thumbs up! 👍👍

    Nina Dobrev / Instagram: @nina