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Nick Kroll's Opinion On 33 Random Things

Find out how VH1's celebreality era inspired Kroll Show and much, much more. Plus tuna.

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Kroll Show has begun its final season and if you're as much of an avid watcher as we are, you're likely devastated about the supremely funny show coming to an end. As such, we spent some time picking Nick Kroll's very unique brain to get his gut reactions to things both mundane (like bananas and tuna) and insane (like Ed Hardy and #EggplantFriday). Here's how it all went down.


Nick: I know I should give my first thought but usually my initial thought is too dirty to be spread on the internet.

Nick: I miss that show. I thought it was so great. I thought The Surreal Life was one of the last reality shows where you were like, "Oh these people are genuinely here, like, living their life." And I think Flava Flav and Brigette Nielsen were, for a period really in love. And it was inspiration for my show in that it spawned Strange Love. Which then spawned Flavor of Love which then spawned off into New York's show which then spawned off to Chance [of Love] and then later Bret Michaels got Rock of Love. So there were five or six spin-offs from The Surreal Life, which was inspiration for our show spinning every character off into their own show. This year on the show Ceasar has a show called Toilet Dad, which is his version of Teen Mom.


Nick: I go but I don't like it.


Nick: Fart Basel.


Nick: I eat bananas but I don't enjoy them. I have no love or hate for bananas.

Nick: Not a very funny answer, but: one of the greats.


Nick: Vine. Vine. Vine. Vine. Vine. Vine...Vine.

Nick: That's the selfie, right? This is what a selfie will get you but then a selfie stick... selfie stick will make your face three pounds lighter.


Nick: She does a lot of stuff like that, right?


Nick: My initial reaction, weirdly. That doesn't make sense.

Nick: There's so many other ways to insult a person. That makes me relatable, right? When I say to stop using "ho" as a descriptive?

Nick: Taylor Swift is Diet Coke!

The final season of Kroll Show airs Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central.