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    Nick Kroll Read Your Thirsty Tweets About Him And His Responses Were Perfect

    "Yeah, it's true. I got a big ol' rumper."

    When Nick Kroll stopped by BuzzFeed to promote his new movie, Olympic Dreams, he graciously agreed to read some thirst tweets for us.

    The*chef's kiss emoji*

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    Now I'm not saying this is something I think about a lot, but Nick Kroll splitting his pants on Jimmy Kimmel Live basically proves that Gil Faizon is THICC


    yes i’m a girl. yes i find nick kroll more attractive than shawn mendes. we exist.

    help I wanna make out with john mulaney and nick kroll at the same time




    Watching the Kroll Show i honestly cant tell who is more attractive nick kroll dressed as a women or jenny slate

    For more Nick Kroll, go see him in Olympic Dreams — in theaters and out on VOD now!

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