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All Of The Movies Being Released On Demand (Instead Of In Theaters)

Now that movies can't be released in theaters, you'll be able to rent them from your couch.

As Hollywood adapts to a global pandemic, some new movies have been delayed for the time being, but many others are now being considered for at-home entertainment — meaning you can rent them on demand at home!

Let's dive into the list!

The Invisible Man



Human Capital

The Hunt

The Gentlemen


Birds of Prey

The Way Back

Call of the Wild


Banana Split

I Still Believe


Sonic The Hedgehog

Rogue Warfare: The Hunt


Trolls World Tour


Sea Fever

We Summon The Darkness

Bad Therapy

The Quarry

Endings, Beginnings


True History of the Kelly Gang

Me, running to the couch to rent these these movies in the comfort of my own home:

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