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    Netflix Renewed "The Society" For Season 2, So Now I'm Never Going To Shut Up About It

    Praise the Netflix gods!

    Great news, obsessive fans of The Society: today we learned that the show has been renewed for a second season!!!

    Netflix / Via

    Netflix released the following video this morning, and can I just say... this was the best news I've heard all YEAR!

    #TheSociety has been renewed for Season 2! Coming in 2020

    The video brought back all of our Society faves to tell us the good news, like Jack Mulhern aka Grizz:

    Sean Berdy aka Sam, who asked if we were ready and we were clearly not:

    And Olivia DeJonge aka Elle, who offered up some pie:

    The clip promises ~more answers~ in the next season, including what's going on with Charlie (the dog!) and who Becca's baby daddy might be.

    Though some secrets may stay that way:

    Production on S2 is set to begin later this year.

    Netflix / Twitter: @seewhatsnext

    And for those curious, Chris Keyser is returning as showrunner, and will continue to executive produce alongside Marc Webb.

    And let's just say that I'm not alone in my excitement:

    us after finally getting the society renewed

    THE SOCIETY ON NETFLIX GOT RENEWED FOR SEASON 2!!! wake me up when it’s 2020 please #TheSociety @netflix @thesociety

    me sleeping tonight knowing the society has been renewed for season 2

    Don't mind me, I'll just be over here rewatching Season 1 until 2020!

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