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    19 Movies And TV Shows To Watch On Earth Day This Year

    From Cher meeting the world's loneliest elephant to My Octopus Teacher, you can't help but be inspired.

    1. Cher & The Loneliest Elephant

    an elephant and cher the singer

    2. A World of Calm

    3. Night on Earth

    flamingos in the night

    4. I Am Greta

    Greta Thunberg with her father, Svante Thunberg

    5. Earth Moods

    a waterfall settled in the middle of a rainforest

    6. My Octopus Teacher

    an octopus and a hand

    7. Chasing Coral

    photo of healthy coral versus the same coral that has been bleached

    8. Dancing with the Birds

    bird with long sticks in its mouth

    9. Seaspiracy

    five orca whales in the ocean

    10. The Island President

    President Mohamed Nasheed

    11. One Strange Rock

    a cave with a light shining down onto three people

    12. The Story of Plastic

    plastic bottle floating in the ocean

    13. Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth

    animated cartoon earth with people on it

    14. The Great Global Clean-Up

    zac efron with a beard in front of a mountain

    15. The Biggest Little Farm

    sheep and cows grazing in a meadow

    16. Rock The Park

    a mountain and water with logo "rock the park"

    17. The Secret World of Trees

    still from trailer of a mountain and trees

    18. Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

    a banana and the words "just eat it, a food waste story"

    19. Our Planet

    a monkey in the trees

    What are your favorite things to watch on Earth Day? Let us know in the comments.