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The 54 Most Iconic Moments In Five Years Of "Watch What Happens Live"

Happy anniversary to the late-night talk show of our dreams.

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1. The time Lea Michele found out that a guy paid $300 for a lock of her hair on eBay.

2. When Oprah proclaimed the word "breasteses!" in the clubhouse.

3. When Lady Gaga talked about swimming in the "lady pond."

4. When Seth Rogen discussed the people he's smoked weed with...

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...and how that list doesn't include James Franco because he DOESN'T SMOKE.

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5. When Whoopi taught the clubhouse how to roll the perfect joint.

6. The time Cee Lo Green complimented Big Ang's rack.

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7. When Jon Hamm and Andy had this exchange:

8. When Lindsay Lohan had her Housewives tagline ready to deliver.

9. The time Tina Fey got drunk and revealed the worst host of SNL that she ever worked with:

10. When Snooki so bluntly explained the source of her urinary tract infection:

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11. When Naomi Campbell demonstrated the proper way to take a selfie.

12. When Andy asked Mike Tyson this:

13. The time Joe Manganiello and Peter Facinelli looked stupid hot ripping apart stuffed animals and underwear.

14. When Bruce Jenner and Amy Sedaris used Shake Weights.

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15. When Jennifer Lopez talked about other celebrity butts.

16. The time Connie Chung and Maury Povich acted out an episode of Maury.

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17. When Kenan Thompson sang the All That theme song.

18. The time Hoda Kotb was mortified by the game "Hoda Lay He Who?"

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19. When Taylor Schilling debunked rumors of a romance with Zac Efron.

20. When Shannen Doherty choked Andy.

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21. When Erica Kane slapped Andy.

22. The time Andy got Susan Sarandon to talk about how high she is all the time.

23. The time Cher had a laugh about her shady Madonna tweet.

24. When Mariah Carey was a diva.

25. When Rachel Zoe didn't know what March Madness was.

26. The time Kylie Minogue and Elijah Wood reenacted Lord Of The Rings fan fiction.

27. When Billy Eichner got to meet his hero Meryl Streep.

28. The time Mark Ruffalo talked about kissing Matt Bomer.

29. The time Andy crushed a bottle on Sarah Silverman's crotch.

30. When Ian Somerhalder described what James Vanderbeek's lips tasted like while filming The Rules of Attraction.

31. When Shaq did this.

32. The time Sweet Brown showed up at the clubhouse.

33. RuPaul's Housewives tagline.

34. When Jeremy Sisto didn't know what "a Monet" was and Donald Faison had to to tell him.

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35. When Rosie O'Donnell blew the lid off the secret lesbian parties she went to in the '90s.

36. When Julie Andrews reacted to being on the show in the most perfect way.

37. When Andy explained to John Stamos how most adults watch Full House.

38. The time Andy Cohen gifted Mama Joyce with an Obama vibrator.

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39. When Henry Winkler participated in the "Winkler Games."

40. The time Connie Britton let Andy touch her gorgeous hair.

41. Kim Zolciak's classsic performance of "Google Me."

42. When Tracy Morgan did his signature move.

43. The time J-Woww gave James Frey the "Jersey Turnpike."

44. When Leah Remini let Andy slap her ass.

45. When Lil' Kim shaded Nicki Minaj.

46. When Jessica Walter did the Lucille Bluth wink.

47. The time Ciara tried to teach Andy how to twerk.

48. When Anderson Cooper said this:

49. When Wanda Sykes said this about Beyoncé and Jay Z.

50. The time Tamra Barney showed Andy her goods.

51. The time Andy introduced Idina Menzel as "Adele Dazeem" (and you could tell that she hated it).

52. Amy Schumer's Housewives tagline.

53. When Martha Stewart took a shot from the shot-ski.


54. And finally: every single time Nene Leakes was on the show.


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