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    Morrissey Is Not Impressed With Stephen Colbert

    Move over, McKayla Maroney β€” we have a new winner here. Morrissey failed to see the humor during his interview on last night's Colbert Report, so let's break down his reactions into GIFs.

    1. "Did you enjoy the Queen's Juiblee?"

    2. "Didn't you love the pageantry?"

    3. "But she's your Queen!"

    4. "You had to love the wedding."

    5. "Please welcome Johnny Marr."

    6. "You requested β€” demanded β€” that this be a meat-free environment for the entire day you are here."

    7. "If I'm a little woozy right now it's because I haven't had my bacon. Why are you so militant about not seeing meat?"

    8. "[Could I eat] animals who eat other animals, like a lion?"

    9. "What about an animal that's already dead, like a cow that's been sentenced to murder?"

    10. "How about a pig that commits suicide from listening to too many of your songs?"

    11. "I know a lamb that's a total asshole. Is it okay to eat that lamb?"

    12. "You have an album and a song called "Meat Is Murder." Have you ever thought about the unintended consequence of that song? Because when I hear it I think, 'Murder is DELICIOUS.'"

    Watch the entire delightfully awkward interview here: