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16 Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" Memes

It may be her artistic expression, but that doesn't mean that the internet necessarily understood.

1. Billy Ray's head as the wrecking ball:

2. Mary Katherine Gallagher did it first:

3. Her former Disney co-stars reacted:

4. The Hammer is a penis (Dr. Horrible reference):

5. The Simpsons:

6. Miley Cyrus truly can't be tamed:

7. Miley licks Thor's hammer:

8. Miley smashing her Disney child star image:

9. Miley was the hidden star of Wreck-It Ralph:

10. Miley's gruesome death:

11. "Same Old Miley"

12. Nic Cage as the star of "Wrecking Ball"

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13. Angry Birds:

14. Raiders of the Lost Twerk:


16. The Joel McHale take:

And this vine, which totally nailed it: / Via