Everything You Need To Know About Miley Cyrus's New Dog Emu

    You knew it would happen: Miley got a new dog.

    Important announcement about the state of Miley's dog ownership: SHE GOT A NEW ONE.

    Miley announced the news over the weekend in the world's longest Instagram caption:

    (Speaking of Miley's late dog Floyd — he has his own shrine now.)

    But let's get back to Emu.

    The dog's full name is Emu Coyne Cyrus – the "Coyne" most likely attributed to the Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne.

    This is probably why Emu looks so great covered in gemstones.

    And in trippy sunglasses.

    ( cool, in great, that it's Miley's new phone background.)

    Also: playing in dirt.

    Emu has already become Miley's bathtub friend...

    ...and companion in the shower. (???)

    So, um, congrats to Miley and her new pup!