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Looking Back At Lindsay Lohan's Previous "Saturday Night Live" Appearances

Tomorrow night will mark the 4th time Lindsay Lohan will have hosted "SNL" -- unbelievable, right? Here's a look back at some of the sketches she'd previously been in, as well as what she told Jimmy Fallon last night about what's in store for tomorrow night's episode.

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Here's what Linds had to say to Jimmy Fallon about how she got the SNL hosting gig, what's to come tomorrow, and how fun it was to be in the first Debbie Downer sketch together:

So besides a now-spoiled surprise cameo from Jimmy Fallon, here are some possible sketches LiLo has previously appeared in that just may return tomorrow night:

The First "Debbie Downer" Sketch

The First-Ever Laser Cats

Weekend Update (As Herself)

Coin Slot Creme

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Kaitlin's Sleepover



(A spoof on T.A.T.U.)

Ann Margaret

Jessica Simpson on "The Prince Show"

The Ghost Of Future Lindsay

White House Teen

And finally, Hermione Granger

Also, Don't Be Surprised To See Charlie Sheen's "Winning" Return

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Lindsay was supposedly upset about Miley's impression of her that aired in March of last year. With that in mind, Sheen's fake talk show just might make a comeback tomorrow night.

Hey, remember when she used to look like this?



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