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    Lindsay Lohan Brings Her Drama To "Million Dollar Decorators"

    You might think that appearing on a Bravo show with "Million Dollar" in the name in which your home is redecorated with $250K worth of furniture by Kathryn Ireland would be enough to get Lindsay to actually show up. You'd be wrong.

    Poor Linds. Things started out so innocent: choosing patterns, picking fabrics, furniture hunting...

    And then she got into a car accident and called her home decorator to meet her in the hospital.

    And when Lindsay was supposed to show up for the big reveal of her house, she had her publicist send an email to get out of it. Classic.

    But at least we got to take a peek inside the bedroom Lindsay sleeps in at night, right?

    Wrong. Here are a few headlines that popped up this morning...

    We should have known.