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    "Leaked" Lana Del Rey Song From 2009 Is All About How Much Lady Gaga Sucks

    But we thought they were friends?

    And here are the lyrics that accompany the track:

    You were the freak king of the piercing shop
    All the girls thought they could sing, but they're really not shit
    I don't get it

    You're looking like a man, you're talking like a baby
    How the fuck is your song in a Coke commercial, crazy?
    I don't get it

    Your taste once exquisite
    What happened to Brooklyn, what happened to New York?
    What happened to my scene, what happened to punk rock, rock?

    You called me the queen of the downtown scene, babe
    How the fuck would you go switch it up and then replace me?
    I don't get it, I'm so legit

    Tell me, was it 'cause I wasn't platinum in jewels?
    That perhaps you thought I was a little bit even uncool
    Kid, was that it?

    Stefani, you suck, I know you're selling twenty million
    Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg
    You're hurt, I know my words don't hurt, yeah

    Oh, girl, I see you walking 'round in your pearls
    Thinking that you're number one
    You're so funny, 'cause honey, you're not

    What happened to Brooklyn, the last frontier?
    They said you could make it anywhere if you can make it here
    But where, no magic in the air

    What happened to Brooklyn, what happened to our scene, baby?
    Have we all gone Gaga crazy?
    Remember when the streets used to be dangerous and we were born bad
    And we were born bad?

    Punk rock, punk rock
    The boys used to punch each other in the face and girls were walking around wasted
    And everyone had a good night, come back in sunlight
    Punk rock, rock, rock