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    Posted on Sep 25, 2012

    Lady Gaga Poses In Underwear As Response To Criticism About Her Weight

    Good on Gaga and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

    Lady Gaga posted some photos of herself today in just her underwear in response to the speculation about her weight gain. She writes,

    Today I join the BODY REVOLUTION.
    To Inspire Bravery.
    and BREED some m$therf*cking COMPASSION

    Alongside the photo above she wrote the caption, "Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15."

    Simon Cowell and Carmen Electra are supposedly dating. Whether or not it's strictly for publicity is a secret known only to them (and their publicists).

    Madonna called Obama a "black muslim" during her "Madonnalogue" (ugh) at her show in Washington D.C. last night. Video here.

    Lucy Liu shook her Lucy Liu's on The Late Late Show last night.

    Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor. I knew it.

    Seth MacFarlane and Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke are supposedly dating now that they've been seen canoodling at The Emmys and together at the Four Seasons hotel.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. welcomed a baby boy into this world sometime in the past week.

    Lindsay Lohan went to the hospital yesterday because the stress from her latest arrest gave her chest pains.

    Katy Perry is currently rocking some Daria-themed nail art.

    Justin Theroux and John Krasinski sang "Call Me Maybe" together at a wild Emmys party.

    Whitney Houston's family will finally get their reality show.

    A 12-year-old boy asked Carrie Underwood to be his first kiss, she did it.

    Ann Curry was supposed to poke fun at herself in a sketch for The Emmys but NBC said no way, jose.

    Denis O'Hare and his husband are adopting a son.

    Lauren Conrad is turning into a total grandma.

    Baz Lurhmann will soon start developing television shows.

    Tori Spelling is still in the hospital.

    Joshua Jackson opened up about reuniting with his estranged father.

    Kate Upton wore some funny hats for Jalouse magazine.

    Ughh: Rihanna tweeted support for Chris Brown's probation hearing. But then he went and failed a drug test anyway.

    Dita Von Teese partied with Robert Pattinson in Los Angeles.

    Magic Johnson was seen on a lunch date with a woman who wasn't his wife. Alert the authorities!

    Jena Malone has a boyfriend.

    Pamela Anderson cried last night as she received crappy scores for her crappy dance on Dancing With The Stars.

    Winona Ryder is less than thrilled about Beetlejuice 2.

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