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Kristen Bell's "Would You Rather" Illustrated, With Sloths

Sloths + watercolor + Kristen Bell = WIN!

The Veronica Mars movie actress recently took time out from her tight shooting schedule to play a game of "Would You Rather" on Reddit. Bell gamely fielded fans' proposals — many indulged her sloth obsession — while promoting her Prizeo campaign to raise money and awareness for Invisible Children — in which you can win a platonic date with Bell to the org's Fourth Estate Leadership Summit next month. Here, our favorites, featuring Bell's replies, plus a bunch of so-cute-it-hurts illustrations painted exclusively for BuzzFeed by beloved artist Shitty Watercolour.

All images made exclusively for BuzzFeed by Shitty Watercolour. See more of Kristen's "Would You Rather's" at Reddit.

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