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Khloe Kardashian Poses For Photo With Her Real Dad?

At the Kardashian family photo shoot (sigh) earlier today, Kylie Jenner tweeted a photo of Khloe embraced by the guy who many media outlets have been speculating to be her real father with the caption, "First official photo of my sister and her dad!" Either the Kardashian Klan are in on the joke or their family is so, so much weirder than we thought.

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This man is Alex Roldan, a hairdresser who's been working with Kris Kardashian since the 80s -- the same decade in which she had an affair while married to Robert Kardashian.

Here's another Instagram photo of Khloe taken today (for those who think the above picture looks photoshopped):

Later on in the day, Kylie responded to the buzz about the photo she posted like so:

So wait: is this guy really Khloe's dad? They certainly look similar. My guess: this Alex character really is Khloe's father -- but E! would like for us to wait and watch the big reveal on the new season of "Khloe And Lamar."

All I know for sure is that Khloe looks nothing like her sisters. Still, wouldn't it be fun if her Dad was actually O.J. Simpson? What do you think?

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