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    Never Forget The Time Ke$ha Was On "The Simple Life"

    Paris and Nicole played matchmakers for Ke$ha's mother. And then Ke$ha threw up in Paris Hilton's closet.

    You remember "The Simple Life" (and the time when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were best friends).

    You know Ke$ha.

    But do you remember the episode of "The Simple Life" that a young Ke$ha and her family was on?

    I know. It's crazy.

    Wikipedia describes the episode as follows:

    Paris and Nicole try their hand as wedding planners at the Dearly Beloved Wedding Chapel in Nashville. Trouble starts when the girls oversleep and leave the nervous bride biting her nails at the altar. They also set up their single host mom up with a date. A future pop singer by the name of Kesha Sebert is featured. The girl's also customize a cake. When they go in the church, the heads of the cake fall on the floor. When they get their report, they get an F. Before their average grade was a C-.

    So let's go through some of the episode's best moments, like when we first met Ke$ha's mom:

    And she kind of explained everything we ever wondered about how Ke$ha was raised.

    When Paris got real with Ke$ha's mother:

    When Ke$ha's mom outlined everything she wants in a man:

    How Ke$ha made a man dance:

    When Ke$ha brought up the dancing thing again...

    ...and got a horrible response.

    When Paris and Nicole brought back the dancing man (Randy) to meet Ke$ha's mom:

    And Ke$ha gave him the ol' "up and down":

    And then Ke$ha's mom reacted like this:

    When they kissed almost immediately after meeting each other:

    When everybody all had a laugh at bad Paris and Nicole are at matchmaking.

    When Ke$ha stayed in touch with Paris, went to a party at her house years later, threw up in her closet, and wrote a song about it:

    When Ke$ha was asked about the song and she said this:

    I barfed in her closet. I ended up going to her house for a party, and I thought it was a bathroom. I was dancing too hard. And it turned out to be her closet.

    You can find part of the episode on YouTube.