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Justin Bieber Went Vegan For A Day, Turned Into A Jerk

Not all of us are strong enough to stick out that kind of diet, Biebs. And more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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Brendon Thorne / Getty Images

Justin Bieber went vegan — at the suggestion of Usher, who recently converted from a vegetarian diet to vegan — and doing so messed with his fragile ego so much that it made him act like a total dick:

At the insistence of his mentor, Usher, Justin Bieber agreed to go vegan – but the diet, which is free of meat, dairy, and fish, was a disaster.

“His mood took a major nose dive – he was such a brat. Soon everyone was begging him to just eat a steak!” admits an insider. “Justin ordered a tofu steak and tempeh tacos from Real Food Daily in LA, and he was really grossed out. He made a big show of spitting out the food and making gagging noises.” The spy adds that not even his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, could bear her boyfriend’s constant complaining."

Bieber: I am dissapoint.


"Eva Mendes, trying to kick back over drinks with her silver screen stud-muffin at the Four Seasons Hotel, glowered when a gorgeous, mid-20s hottie in a low-cut shirt and tight pants rushed up to gush that Ryan’s “even better-looking in person!”

Ryan responded politely, and Eva suffered in silence – but unsheathed her sharp claws when the babe started stroking Ryan’s arm seductively. Yanking the invasive paw off her man, Eva spat loudly: “Okay, that’s enough face time, honey… this ain’t no celebrity petting zoo!”


Jay-Z denied reports that Beyoncé is pregnant again.

LeAnn Rimes is out of rehab and back to making appearances on red carpets.

Joel McHale has signed on to host The Soup for two more seasons.

Hey, this blind item makes it sound like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson aren't really back together/weren't really a couple at all.

Anna Wintour apparently snubbed Kim Kardashian at Fashion Week AGAIN this year.

Dina Lohan is apparently giving advice to Amanda Bynes's parents, which is just the silliest idea I've ever heard.

Catherine Tate is dating Adrian Chiles, AKA Chadrian.

Chris Pratt will gain 65 pounds for a movie.

Bachelorette Emily Maynard was text-cheating on Jef Holm with Raiders player Matt Leinhart.

Taylor Swift may elope with her Kennedy boyfriend?

Nothing to see here, just Zac Efron in the mountains looking all cute and stuff.

Janet Jackson is going to get married and spend $20 million while doing so.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the affair he had with his maid: it was the "stupidest thing."

There will be a Wizards of Waverly Place reunion movie.

Madonna has asked Lady Gaga to perform with her, but will she accept after so much shade has been thrown her way?

Russell Brand did a nice thing and treated the homeless people that live by his house to a free meal.

January Jones, terrible person, parked in a handicapped spot.

Misha Collins is a dad again.

Salma Hayek has stage fright.

It's Katie Couric without makeup.

Harry Styles bought himself a "party house," whatever THAT means.