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Justin Bieber Threw A Fit On The "Today" Show

It was conveniently edited out of the West Coast feed.

It's no secret that Justin Bieber is in the middle of his comeback, and his grand parade back into the collective hearts of the public continued this morning with a Today show concert in the rain.

D Dipasupil / Getty Images

Most coverage of this morning's performance focused on the weather, his bleached hair, or how he's a "grown-up" now.

(To be fair, he DOES have an extreme new hairdo.)

D Dipasupil / Getty Images

But I digress.

If Bieber is really a "grown-up" now, why is he yelling at the camera for being in his way on live TV?


(He probably didn't know it was still live.)

He continued:


And then it faded to commercial.

Here's the raw video from WNBC in New York City, as it was broadcast this morning:



And here's a clip of what the West Coast saw this morning, courtesy KTVF:


Notice anything missing?

  1. What do you think happened here?

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What do you think happened here?
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    Justin Bieber had a temper tantrum.
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    The camera operator was in the way.
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    What do you mean?

BuzzFeed has requested a comment from NBC.

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