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    Jonah Hill Doesn't Care If You Like Him Or Not Because "Scorsese Thinks I'm Awesome"

    That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

    Remember those unflattering quotes that came from a Rolling Stone article a few weeks back? Well, Jonah Hill doesn't even care what you think about him, according to a new interview with Bullett:

    "You can dis me all you want on a blog, or write whatever you want in this magazine and I'll just be like, 'Whatever, man. Scorsese thinks I'm awesome.' [Laughs.] He hired me and didn't fire me, so I can kind of not care now. It really did give me personal assurance that I'm doing the right thing and that I'm talented in certain ways because he's so important to me."

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    Kat Von D and Deadmau5's relationship is officially over. Kat said the following on Twitter:

    "Cheating on your loved one is the most hurtful thing one could do. I hate to have to admit, that this relationship is indeed over."

    And he responded on Facebook:

    "All i am saying on the matter: Kat and I split in November and I moved back home to Toronto. During this time, while we were broken up, I did have relations with another woman. Following that, Kat and I reconciled and I acknowledged being intimate with another person while we were estranged. We did move past those issues and I proposed to Kat in mid- December. At the end of June, it was clear that the relationship was not working and we mutually ended the engagement. I was not, at any point, unfaithful to Kat during our time together. "

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    Bruce Jenner has reportedly moved out of his home because KimYe and baby North West are living there and he's sick of being told to be quiet around the baby.

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    Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard were voted the Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarians.

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    So, uh, Val Kilmer has some ideas about a sequel for Heat 2:

    "Here's my pitch: You remember Natalie Portman in it? She's Pacino's adopted daughter, so she comes home and says, 'Daddy, daddy, I want you to meet my fiancé.' And it's me. He's retired and I come to Chicago where he's retired back to and I'm going to torture him, and then I'm going to kill him."

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    James Woods, 66, debuted his girlfriend Kristen Bauguess, 20, at the White House Down premiere.

    Ryan Reynolds would never wear something that Blake Lively didn't like.

    David Chase delivered a touching eulogy at James Gandolfini's funeral.

    Cameron Diaz will play Miss Hannigan in Annie.

    Jay Z wrote a song about how he's not a part of the Illuminati.

    Brandi Glanville is trying to find Kim Richards a decent boyfriend.

    Was Miley Cyrus totally totally stoned when she was on Good Morning America?

    One Direction spent time in Maryland eating fried chicken and getting tattoos.

    Here's a photo of Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar's baby Rocky.

    Julianne Moore could play President Coin in the Mockingjay movie.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are maybe talking about a wedding soon?

    The best of Bill Murray's best appearances on the Late Show.

    Debby Ryan pointing at Adam Sandler, for some reason.

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