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62 Jokes Only Vegans Will Laugh At

Don't even bother clicking on this if you aren't living that plant based life.

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1. Finding foods you can actually eat can be hard.

Instagram: @neckless

4. Your hobbies might be a little different than the norm.

Instagram: @thestrivingvegan

6. Vegan cooking is an entirely different experience.

Instagram: @thefrugalvegan_

17. It's hard to get other people on board with your lifestyle.

Instagram: @vegancommunity

23. Your family might not understand.

Instagram: @learn_to_evolve

25. Sometimes you can feel really alone in your journey.

Instagram: @myveganpath

31. And maintaining a vegan lifestyle can sometimes be a little difficult.

Instagram: @mister_vegan

36. Of course, you deal with a lot of questions from people.

Instagram: @veganvip

38. And you're happy to educate them, even if they're going to look at you weird.

Instagram: @thehumaneleague

42. You often debunk assumptions.

Instagram: @vegan

49. You can't help but enjoy the healthy benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Instagram: @dehart_perks

53. Sometimes you can only laugh at how damn vegan you are.

Instagram: @soundofmemes

62. At the end of the day, you just gotta do you.

Instagram: @veganmemesofficial

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