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    Posted on Apr 3, 2017

    26 Reasons John Cena And Nikki Bella Are 100% Couple Goals

    If you didn't already know.

    If you follow WWE even just a little bit, you're used to seeing John Cena like this.

    Kris Connor / Getty Images

    Or this.

    Jp Yim / Getty Images

    But last night we saw the softer side of Cena when he proposed to his longtime girlfriend Nikki Bella after winning Wrestlemania.

    Here's why they're one of the most ~romantic~ couples ever.

    1. They work out together.

    E! /

    2. And they're not afraid to show affection afterwards.

    3. They know how to keep a date night classy.

    4. They are the picture of absolute holiday perfection.

    5. They share a cute dog named Winston.

    6. Run, Winson, run!

    7. They nailed Halloween.

    8. They're patriotic.

    9. John knows how to admire his lady.

    10. And Nikki admires John right back.

    11. ...Even when it's a giant doll of John.

    12. They ALWAYS have fun together.

    13. They're a couple both on-screen and off.

    14. They take care of each other.

    15. And it goes both ways.

    16. Whether they keep it casual...

    17. ...or extra fancy...

    18. ...they are always picture-perfect.

    19. How cute is this clinking-glasses-while-kissing look?

    20. Or this whimsical kiss in Times Square?

    21. Or this kiss on the cheek?

    22. How about THIS kiss on the forehead?

    23. It's too much.

    24. The way they look at each other can melt a heart of coal.

    Congrats on your engagement, Nikki and John! 💍 💕

    May it be as happy as you are.

    E! /

    27. May it be just as happy as you are.

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