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    Zero Things Jessica Chastain Hates About Jennifer Lawrence

    That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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    Jessica Chastain took some time to clear up the rumor that she hates Jennifer Lawrence:

    I find it very sad that media makes up bogus stories about women fighting in this industry. Filming The Help was the most amazing experience and yet, that is the film I'm most asked about in regards to 'fighting on set.' Why do we support the myth that women are competitive and cannot get along?

    I've done two photo shoots with Jennifer Lawrence over the years and have found her to be utterly charming and a great talent. I've told her how beautiful her film work is. Please don't allow the media to perpetuate the myth that women aren't supportive of each other. Every time an actress is celebrated for her great work, I cheer.

    Girl's got a point. And also, who could ever hate Jennifer Lawrence?!

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    Helen Mirren dyed her hair pink and the world agreed it was awesome.

    Did you see Taylor Swift call out Harry Styles during her performance at last night's Grammy Awards? Well she did and you can watch it here.

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    Lil Mama has been cast to play Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez in a TLC biopic about her life. Remember when she used to wear special baseball caps that her ponytail would pop out of during every taping of America's Best Dance Crew?


    Mark Wahlberg, Sarah Silverman and Michael Fassbender were all on The Graham Norton Show this weekend and everybody was drunk. Especially Marky Mark.

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    Chris Brown and Rihanna sat together at the Grammys last night, proceeded to get super high afterwards.

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    The cast of Party Down reunited at SF Sketchfest over the weekend.


    Justin Bieber did Saturday Night Live this weekend and kiiiind of apologized for his pot-smoking "scandal."

    Will Smith's hotel room was right on top of KimYe's in Brazil.

    James Franco will serve as the Grand Marshal for the Daytona 500.

    Keri Russell dropped an F-bomb on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

    Octomom says a vandal broke her window on Super Bowl Sunday.

    Lindsay Lohan's new little brother, Landon Lohan, already has pictures up on TMZ.

    Patrick Carney of the Black Keys says Justin Bieber doesn't deserve a Grammy because he's so rich.

    Marques Houston took out a restraining order against Raz B.

    Salwa Amin (from Buckwild) was arrested in a drug raid.

    Adele is very tired now that she's a mom.

    Sam Claflin didn't read any of the Hunger Games books before he was cast as Finnick.

    Hayley Hasselhoff got a DUI.

    Why was everybody dressed like food last night?!

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