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    Jennifer Lopez And Her Boyfriends In Music Videos: A Retrospective

    Ben Affleck, Diddy, Marc Anthony, her new boyfriend Casper Smart... will JLo ever learn that it's not a good idea to feature your current lover in a music video? Probably not. Here's a look back at why.

    1996, Diddy: "Been Around The World"

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    At least she doesn't sing at all in this one.

    2000, Diddy: "Been Around The World (Extended)"

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    This dance scene for the MTV VMA's wasn't technically a music video, but still pretty embarrassing in retrospect. According to a commenter, Diddy also appeared in her video for "If You Had My Love". (I didn't see him, but you can try to see if you can here).

    2001, Chris Judd: "My Love Don't Cost A Thing"

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    Jen met backup dancer Chris Judd on the set of this video and went on to marry him.

    2002, Ben Affleck: "Jenny From The Block"

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    Remember "Bennifer"?

    I guess he really had a thing for her butt: can you blame him?

    2009, Marc Anthony: "No Me Ames"

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    2005, Marc Anthony: "Escapémonos"

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    We get it: you're so talented and in love! ...Except for the whole divorce thing that was about to happen.

    2012, Casper Smart: "Dance Again"

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    We'll see how long her latest one lasts.

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